Why Work With Us?

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JL West Homes, LLC is here to help homeowners out of any kind of distressed situation. We can help homeowners out of just about any situation, no matter what!  There are no fees, up front costs, commissions, or anything else.  Just the simple honest truth about your home and how we can help you sell it fast to resolve any situation. Work-With-Us-360x360

JL West Homes, LLC is part of a nationwide group of thousands of investors who are helping tens of thousands of homeowners every year.  We may not be the “traditional” route, but we CAN help and we CAN do it quickly!

Give us a call today to let us know what YOU need help with!

3D_Realty_HandshakeIt doesn’t matter if you are buying, selling, or looking to invest in real estate.  We are one of the TOP real estate companies in the greater Austin area!

Here are a few reasons why families in Austin have decided to work with us:
  • No commissions or fees
  • No repairs, remodels, or fix-ups
  • No marketing or showing your home to strangers that may or may not even qualify for a bank loan – we buy houses CASH!
  • No more mortgage payments on a property that you no longer want or need
  • No waiting weeks to close – we are able to close quickly and hassle free!
  • No stressful paperwork

We would love to be able to talk with you, take a look at  your situation, and make  you an offer.  Please fill out the form to the right to get started or call us at 512-920-2444!  There is absolutely no obligation.


Sell your house to us – fast, easy, and no fuss!



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